Ice Skating at the I-500

Monday, 28 January 2013

January 27, 2014

7:00 - 10:00 pm
Open to the public, all ages
NO CHARGE!  Just a MILE of pure FUN!

The opportunity of a life-time for most who recognize the I-500 venue for what it is.

There's a misconception to this race by many. To some who hear about the I-500 snowmobile race, they automatically think this is a snowmobile race run on snow!  After all ... snowmobile = snow ... right? Wrong! 

In the snowmobile endurance race arena this race takes place on ICE.  We start with a mile-oval dirt track and actually lay down over a million and a half gallons of water making the track.  We need COLD more then we want SNOW for the I-500 race.  We put the water on the track by virtue of three 8K and 10K gallon tanker trucks.  We start putting down water as early as possible in order to get the ice thick enough to last for the full five hundred miles.  The ice wears down fast during the 500 mile race. The race sleds all use long studs to grip the ice as their racing thus wearing it down.  Sometimes we put down water as early as late-December or early-January with hopes of having it thick enough for the full 500 mile race.

When we have enough ice, it is as smooth as can be. Perfect surface for ice-skating. 

A whole mile of ice skating fun is open MONDAY night January 27th. The I-500 project managers OPEN THE TRACK TO THE PUBLIC for a FREE night of skating on the worlds largest ice rink, bar none!  The mile-oval at the SOO is the ONLY mile-oval snowmobile race track in North America.  That's right... FREE skating on the smooth surface of the worlds most recognized snowmobile endurance track.

The fun begins at 7:00 pm. and usually last for three hours or more.  It's open to the public of all ages.  Simply arrive at the track, park in the parking lot and join us on the track with your skates!  Groups are welcome as well.  There will be track and I-500 officials on site to oversee the activity. Security is on hand as well.  Come to the I-500 track and enjoy the fun.  See the track from the perspective of a professional race driver.    Open skate night at the famous I-500 track,  family fun for all ages.